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My name is Jeannine, I live in Belgium in Liège, I''m single
I have been making tags and Incredimail stat in PSP about 2005
I write tutorial since 2009 .
I work for different CT.
I'm glad you decided to stop here and check out my tutorials.
I hope you enjoy all of them.
Il you have any question or to send you'r tut result, so many do my tut so fiew shom me the result, I would love to see them. Contact me HERE


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Tuesday, April 21, 2015 Day

This tutorial is my property, written by Jeannine’sTag,
any resemblance to another tutorial is a coincidence.

Do not share my tutorial, send a link to my blog.

Supplies Needed:
PSP 9 (any version should work).
Tube of choice
Mine is "Reign” made by Tony Tzanoukakis
you may not use this tube without licence
You can buy this tube HERE
FTU scrap kit "Living on the Edge” made by Gimptastic Scraps
From The Fantastically Free Blog Train Living on the Edge...
Template 0025 made by Magik
Font of choice
Mask of choice mine is WSL_Mask 84
Drop shadow: 2 - 2 – 50 – 7

Lets get started…..!

Open template – shift D - Close original - Remove “credit”  - image canvas size 750 x 750
Background – select all – open paper 3 – apply the mask – layers – merge group


Left top rectangle & right bottom rectangle - select all – selection float – defloat - open paper 1 – copy & paste as new layer – selection invert – delete – add drop shadow
Right top square & left bottom square - select all – selection float – defloat - open paper 8 – copy & paste as new layer – selection invert – delete – add drop shadow
Top middle square & bottom middle square - select all – selection float – defloat - open paper 3 – copy & paste as new layer – selection invert – delete – add drop shadow
Oval – flood fil with a nice red gradient – apply effect Xero fritylary like this

WA – adjust – color balance – manual color correction – choice a color from kit or tube

Open elements and resize (if needed):
Never work on the original design - always shift D
(Be careful when you resize or rotate it is sometimes necessary to sharpen)
SkullNRoses – width 200
Phone – width 150
WA – width 250 – rotate free right 20°
Parchment – width 250 – rotate free left 20°
Boot – original size
Booze bottle – width 50
Nun chucks – width 150
Star – original size
Cuffs – width 150
Drink – width 80
Bullets – width 80
Sun glasses – width 130
Knuckles – width 100
Mascara – width 80
Bracelet – width 100
Lipstick – width 20
Grunge – original size
Lips – width 200
Advisory – width 150
Ring- width 20
Place all items (look at my tag for example)
Copy - Paste your tube as new layer. Resize if need it.
Add copyright info. Merge visible.
Add your name and give a little Inner Bevel effect
Enjoy this tutorial and I'd like to see your results, you can email me



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