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My name is Jeannine, I live in Belgium in Liège, I''m single
I have been making tags and Incredimail stat in PSP about 2005
I write tutorial since 2009 .
I work for different CT.
I'm glad you decided to stop here and check out my tutorials.
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Celebration PTU

This tutorial was written for people have a working knowledge of PSP.
This tutorial is my property, written by Jeannine’sTag,

any resemblance to another tutorial is a coincidence.
Do not share my tutorial, send a link to my blog.

Supplies Needed:

PSP: all version will work

Tube of choice. I am using “mimi” from Sandlady

You may not use this artwork without first obtaining a license to do so.

You may obtain that license at PFD

PTU Scrapkit “Celebration” from Jens Sweet Temptations

Buy the kit HERE

Template 416 by Missy 

Mask of choice

Font: Heartbreaker 

Here the gradient I make for the font

 Drop shadow: 2 - 2 –75 – 10

 Open template – shift D

Close original

Remove “credit”

Resize width 550

Image canvas size 600 x 600 center

New raster layer, arrange, send to bottom

Select all – flood file with a color of choice,

I make a gradien with all the color from the tube

Apply the mask – merge group - reduce the opacity to 70

Activate “Square 3”

Step 1: selection –select all – float – defloat – modify


 Open paper 3
Copy – paste

Selection invert – delete

Repeat this step one with all the layers from the template:

 “Square 1” with paper 6

“Circle centre” select all – modify – expand 2 – add new layer  

flood file with a color of choice

“Square 2” with paper 2

“Frame back” adjust – color balance with a color from you tube

“Frame” with paper 10

“Circle left” with paper 7

“Circle right” with paper 8

“Thin rectangle - Thin rectangle2 – Rounded edge rectangle” adjust – color balance

with a color of choice – adjust – add noise 25

“Rounded edge rectangle” with paper 9

Delete “Star 1 – Star 2”

Open elements (shift D and close original)and resize (if need)

(don’t forget to “sharpen” when you resize, if necessary)

Balloon 1

Gift 3 – width 100

Gift 1 & Gift 2 – width 150

Skate 1 & Skate 2 – width 100

Flower 2 – width 120

Cupcake 1 – width 100

 Place all items (look at my tag for example)

Copy - Paste your tube as new layer. Resize if need it.

Add your name and copyright info. Merge visible.

I resize mine width 500

If you resize don’t forget to adjust - sharpen

 Save as png or jpg.

Have fun…..



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